What Is a Fit + Pricing Guide: The Best Lead Magnet for Service Providers

Aug 22, 2022Email Marketing, Website Strategy, Weekly Website Wins

What is a Fit + Pricing Guide

This is my FAVORITE type of lead magnet.

Why? I initially started thinking about this when I kept answering the same question over and over again – what’s the cost? And the worst part, I would be asked this after I had spent 30+ minutes with someone only to find out they expected a website for $300. They were super bummed and frustrated to find out they couldn’t afford my prices and I needed to be more cognizant of my time (hello – mom of two little ones while running a business from home!)

There’s a lot of controversy about whether you should publish your prices on your website. First, as it is with a lot of service providers, each client gets a custom quote based on their unique needs. So the pricing varies. Second, you could drive someone interested away before they even talk to you.

So I came up with another option – publish my prices, but require an email to see it.

This way I only get those who are truly interested, not just tire kickers. Also, if they can’t afford my pricing just yet, I can continue to serve them great content through email marketing and not lose contact with them.

As Donald Miller, author of Building a Story Brand and Marketing Made Simple, says, “People will buy when they’re ready, but only if you’re still around.”

So what’s on a Fit + Pricing Guide?

I include:

  • Pain points + solutions
  • Emotional and tangible benefits
  • Process
  • Price RANGES
  • Testimonials
  • Final CTA

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