Top 5 Sites Launched in 2021

Dec 1, 2021 | Business, Favorite Things

It has been a great year for web design! I have had some amazing projects and have worked with some awe-inspiring people. So in honor of ALL of my great clients, here are my favorite sites we launched in 2021!

1. East Side Animal Hospital

A clean site with pops of color and images, while also implementing some functionality to the site so clients could easily access important forms or other necessities.






2. Loan Allies

This website had has a lot of information for it’s visitors so Kelly and I had to get creative to keep the site both informative and engaging.






3. Kentucky Association of Colleges & Employers

From a shut down to fresh and modern complete with events, registration forms, and membership checkout.






4. Paducah Olive Oil

This website was in serious need of a facelift! We created a new design focusing on their primary products and adding in some marketing strategies to increase online sales. Sales are up now 40% compared to the previous quarter!






5. Spacek Outdoor Services

Another site for a cool, local business. We focused on compelling copy and design that illustrated his science-backed, ground-up approach to lawn optimization.

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