The Importance Of Email List Building For Your Website

Aug 25, 2021Email Marketing

Written by Cristina Sims

Whether you own an affiliate website, a dropshipping site, an eCommerce website, or any other type of online business website, you already know the importance of marketing and promoting your brand.

However, although most business owners have heard of list building, many don’t put the necessary effort into building their email list, which can benefit their marketing efforts.

Below, we’re exploring the importance of using website forms to build an email list for your brand.

We’ll also explain how to get started building your very first email list!

Let’s dive in!

Email Is More Personal

Unlike driving past a billboard on the highway, email marketing is considerably more personal, which is a significant reason it is so effective.

When you use an email marketing platform, like Flodesk, you’ll be able to personalize each email with the recipient’s name or any other personal information they’ve provided you with.

(Find out the pros and cons of Flodesk)

But the best part is that when you send out emails, your marketing efforts will land directly in the inbox of those who are already most likely to interact with your brand.

Plus, unlike SEO or other social media marketing tactics, there are no annoying algorithms or ranking factors that can get in your way.

In other words, email marketing is simply more direct and personal, which is something anyone can appreciate!

Better ROIs

In terms of a return on your investment, usually, any return is a good return!

However, you can expect the absolute best bang for your buck when it comes to email marketing!

According to Hubspot, for every $1 spent on email, you can expect an average ROI of roughly $38.

That’s a shocking 3,800% return on your investment!

Owning Your Contact List

When you use social media platforms, your marketing efforts are, essentially, in the hands of Facebook and its counterparts.

In other words, when these platforms make changes to their policies or their ranking algorithms, you’re at their mercy.

On the other hand, when you build an email list, you OWN that list, which means that no platform updates, policy changes, or algorithm updates will ever have an impact on your efforts!

What You’ll Need To Build Your List

To get started with list building, you’ll need the following three things:

  • A business website or blog
  • An email marketing platform, like Flodesk or ConvertKit
  • Opt-In Forms

The concept of building an email list is simple.

To explain it, you’ll start by placing opt-in forms on your website and social media accounts where your current and prospective customers will be likely to see them.

With email marketing tools like Flodesk, you’ll be able to use your logos and branding to create personalized opt-in forms. You can create graphics for your business by hiring a designer or using a tool, such as LogoCreator.

How To Generate Leads And Build Your Email List

You can embed these forms onto your website by copying and pasting snippets of HTML code.

Generally, you’ll need to create some offer to incentivize your site visitors to fill out the form.

Most times, websites will offer free downloadable contact in exchange for your contact information.

However, you can also use discounts on your products or services, free giveaways, or other types of promotions to entice your visitors to leave their contact information.

When a visitor does leave their contact info, your email marketing tool will automatically collate their information into a contact list.

With platforms like Flodesk, you can even go a step further to have it set up so that the visitor who opted-in will automatically be sent a welcome email or any other custom email template chosen by you.

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