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Let me take a look under the hood and give you step by step instructions on how to get your website working for you.

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Is your website a dead end?

Picture this: You are hustling on social media, putting out great new content, sending people to your website…crickets. You can’t figure out why your website has zero traffic or why it’s not converting leads.

If this sounds familiar and you are feeling like your website is costing you potential clients, then let me help. As a website designer, I can review your site and give you step-by-step instructions on what changes or improvements can be made that can drive people to your site, keep them engaged, and guide them to working with you.

When completing your website audit, I will check:

Backend Settings

I’ll go through your website settings and make sure everything is completed, updated, and secure. I’ll also run your site through a performance scanner and see where we can speed up your site.


Google Integration

Next, I’ll check to see if your site is integrated with Google Analytics, Google My Business, and Google Search Console.


Search Engine optimization

I’ll check basic SEO settings as well as meta data, titles, and descriptions.



Functionality and Design

I’ll use my design eye to review your site and see what simple changes could enhance the user experience.


Digital Marketing Opportunities

I will evaluate what marketing strategies and opportunties may be beneficial to implement to help grow your business.



Detailed Report

After your audit, I’ll send you a detailed report of my findings with action items and do-it-yourself resources. And if you’d just like a done-for-you service, I’ll also include the cost for us to fix it all for you!

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Let’s take the first step to turning visitors into customers

If you feel like your website is a dead end, but you don’t know why, let me take a look and give you a full report on how to optimize your website.