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Grow your business and build an ongoing relationship with your clients.

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Grow Your Business

Ready to build an ongoing relationship with your audience? With email marketing, you can build trust, add value, and grow your client base. I’ll create a strategy to build your email list and regularly connect with your audience with beautifully designed emails using Flodesk.

How it works

Our Email Marketing Strategy

When we begin building an email marketing strategy we focus in on three main areas:

Lead Magnet

Our first step in creating an email marketing strategy is to create a lead magnet to help grow your list. We look at your industry, audience, and specialties to create a must-have resource that people will gladly exchange their email for AND keep coming back for more.

Sales Sequence

At the moment someone gives you their email address, they are considered a “warm lead” and are more interested than ever to listen to what you have to say. Which is why we create a workflow to deliver a highly intentional sequence of emails. These emails guide someone to know, like, and trust you and, ultimately, work with you.

Nurture Sequence

Once someone completes your initial sales sequence, it’s time to nurture this lead. Perhaps they are not ready to work with you now, but if you continue showing up with great content, you have a real chance at converting them in the future. As Donald Miller says, “People buy when they are ready, as long as you’re still around.” So we create a content strategy that will keep your email list engaged.

A Fan Fave

Why Flodesk?

So why do I choose Flodesk over other email marketing platforms like Convertkit?


Beautiful emails

If you love using visuals to illustrate your services, Flodesk allows for more use of imagery, buttons, and other engaging elements.


Unlimited subscribers

For a crazy low price ($19/month with my referral code!) you can use Flodesk no matter how big your list grows. Other platforms like Convertkit and Constant Contact charge you more as your list grows, but with Flodesk, your price never increases.


Intuitive design

Once I get my clients setup, the Flodesk interface provides an intuitive design, meaning, when you see it, you just know how to use it. They also provide beautiful templates to give you a great starting point.

Email Marketing Services

You can choose any or all of of our email marketing services to grow your business!

Email Marketing Setup


  • Help you sign up for Flodesk (our peferred platform) at a discounted price.
  • Setup your profile, branding, import your list, set up segments, etc.
  • Strategize with you on a lead magnet
  • Copy for your lead magnet.
  • Design for a 1-2 page downloadable PDF
  • Email designed in Flodesk and workflow created to deliver PDF.
  • Form embedded on site to collect email addresses and trigger lead magnet workflow.

Weekly or Monthly Emails

Can include:

  • Newsletter style emails
  • Promo style emails
  • Content Strategy
  • Copy
  • Designed in Flodesk
  • Analytics report (open rates, click through rates, etc.)


Email Sales Sequences


  • Five emails curated to guide a client from cold lead to working with you.
  • Copy
  • Designed in Flodesk
  • Anayltics report (open rates, click through rates, etc.)



Client favorite addons

Marketing Strategy

Let’s start your website off on the right foot with some market research and planning. I’ll work with you to create an in depth marketing plan to include a service or course launch, email marketing campaign, social media campaign, etc.

Custom Website Design

If your website is driving traffic away then your email list will suffer. Creating a website that turns visitors into customers will be a huge support to your email marketing strategy.


Content Writing

If the idea of writing your own website content is overwhelming, my copywriter can help! She finds the right language to stretigically guide a visitor to take action.

Interested in a Custom Website?

Blog Posts About Email Marketing

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Beginners Guide to Flodesk

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