SEO Isn’t Scary with Michelle Bourbonniere

Apr 15, 2021Lessons in Entrepreneurship

Today’s Lessons in Entrepreneurship brings us Michelle Bourbonniere, owner of Edited By Michelle, a website editing and SEO (search engine optimization) business.

Michelle is in the business of words and shares why they are so important for SEO and why SEO doesn’t have to be scary. Also, a true child of the 80’s, she has an “embarrassingly large sticker collection.” Totally get it! As a fellow child of the 80’s I’m totally passing this on to my daughter.

Read on to learn:

  • Keywords are the key to understanding Search
  • Her favorite free resource AND a tutorial on how to use it
  • Why SEO doesn’t have to be scary

What is your main product or service and why are you so passionate about it?

I’m fascinated by all the ways words live on the web, which is why I do SEO audits, keyword research, and SEO editing (along with the more typical editing and proofreading services you’d expect from an editor.)

Words matter, and all my services focus on helping businesses find the words that will work for them.

What is one trait of a successful entrepreneur?

Creativity. The best entrepreneurs can listen to their audience and provide something genuinely new, better, and needed. Sure, it’s a little riskier, but creating something truly remarkable is better than blending in.

What is your favorite free or inexpensive resource that has made the biggest impact on your business and why?

I’m going to get all nerdy here but—Google Search Console!

A lot of business owners avoid SEO because they think they need big data skills and lots of $$$ to get results, but I promise, SEO doesn’t have to be scary. And you’ll find so much useful info—for free—in your Google Search Console dashboard.

Keywords are the key to understanding Search.

Knowing which words people use to find your site is powerful knowledge which I think everyone deserves to know. To that end, I made a free video course called “Where Are My Keywords?” It starts at the very beginning and walks you through how to set up Google Search Console, where to find your keywords, and how to use that data to optimize your website (sign up here to get instant access.)

What is your morning routine?

First, I drink coffee. Then I review where I left off the day prior and plan out the day ahead using a fancy notebook, my favorite fine-line markers (Tombow TwinTone), and a fresh sheet of stickers.

How are you currently marketing your business?

My marketing efforts are 100% organic. About half of my clients come through referrals, and the other half find me straight through Google Search.

What have you tried in marketing in the past that didn’t work?

When I first started out, I wasn’t clear on what type of editing I wanted to do. Niching down and specializing has made such a difference.

It’s better to own your tiny little corner of the web than to get lost in a crowd of lookalikes.

Especially when it comes to small business SEO, specific and niche is the way to go.

What is a piece of advice you’d give someone new or struggling in business?

Work on your website. Having a professionally produced, compelling website makes it so much easier to turn leads into customers.

I’ve seen a lot of website analytics in my time, and believe me—having a website that converts is worth every penny and every minute you invest in it.


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