How to Sell Past Your Local Community with Sandi Shaw, Ph.D.

Jun 10, 2020Lessons in Entrepreneurship

How to Sell Past Your Local Community with Sandi Shaw, Ph.D.

Lessons in Entrepreneurship

Today’s Lessons from Entrepreneurship, we’re hearing from Sandi Shaw Ph.D. She is a Master-Certified Wellness Coach, a Certified Professional Coach, Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, and an entrepreneur. Her business is Live Well & Enjoy Life ™. She coaches busy women who want to feel confident with wellness and focus on themselves for 10 minutes a day. She’s been a National Trainer, Regional Sales Manager, Program Director of Entrepreneurship, and works virtually. She has worked with clients in different industries, from healthcare to technology to education, and she has seen what works and what doesn’t.

Sandi says she can completely relate to my clients. She has been working in the coaching space since 2017, in the business arena for more than 15 years, in higher education for nearly 15 years, and started her first business in 2010. I was so inspired by all the great nuggets of information in this post!


Read on to learn:

  • How she helps women reach their wellness goals,
  • How to combine drive and heart to keep going,
  • Why you should leave emotion out of business decisions when it comes to numbers,
  • And how to sell past your local community.

What is your main product or service and why are you so passionate about it?

My service is wellness coaching and my main product is The Ultimate Guide to Wellness Starter Kit.



I help busy women fit wellness into their day without disrupting their already busy schedule.

After years of waking up tired and not having my full energy, of being completely exhausted physically, emotionally, and mentally, and having my gallbladder removed, I decided to do something about my own wellness. Over time I learned I was living (not coping) with stress, not getting quality sleep, and I was seeing friends and family less and less.

In 2010, I was working FT, PT in school, starting my 1st business, and I was a caregiver. Needless to say, I was busy! I could handle it at first until my mom passed away 7 years later. It was then I knew I had to make a change. Life is short and I want to live it and enjoy it. This led me to my own wellness journey. After seeing the positive impact wellness can have, I became a Certified Professional Coach and a Master-Certified Wellness Coach so I could help other busy women. I absolutely love helping other women achieve their wellness goals!

What is one trait of a successful entrepreneur?

Drive. Your drive is the combination of your dream and your energy. It guides you in achieving a goal you have set your heart on to accomplish.

Your drive will get you through the challenging times. When it gets hard, your drive will keep your momentum going. Your drive will also keep the negative people at bay because your heart says, “Yes! I can do this,” which gives you the energy to keep carrying forward. If you ask successful entrepreneurs, the vast majority of them will say people quit right when they were so close to making it. Let your drive keep you moving forward to make it.



Your drive is the combination of your dream and your energy.

What is your favorite free or inexpensive resource that has made the biggest impact on your business and why?

I am in an accountability group with two other women entrepreneurs. We met at a conference in 2019 and bonded instantly. We knew accountability would be one key to our success as we were all transitioning to the digital space. We agreed to keep in touch with accountability calls – we use zoom so we can see each other.

I’m glad to say we’ve kept our promise to each other and have met regularly since last year. We’re able to share issues, usually technology-related, and most often one of the others has experienced the issue, too. This allows us to help each other and to support each other. We also text between our calls. We especially celebrate the wins, which is hugely important for any entrepreneur. Remember to celebrate those wins! In our calls, everyone has a chance to share what’s happened since our last call and to share what’s next. I highly recommend an accountability partner or two.

What is your morning routine?

I have the luxury of not having to use an alarm clock in the morning. I naturally wake up anywhere from 7 am to 8 am. I have breakfast, usually something light like a smoothie as I’m not a big breakfast eater.

After getting ready for work, I check on my business numbers – sales, ads, engagement, etc. I objectively review these against my benchmarks. It’s important to not let emotion sway you on your numbers because this can make too quick of a decision. After reviewing my numbers, I review my work for the day, prioritize it, and get started working.


It’s important to not let emotion sway you on your numbers because this can make too quick of a decision.

How are you currently marketing your business?

I currently market through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, my email list, word of mouth, and my products website. This has allowed me to reach wider audiences. For instance, in addition to the U.S., I have customers from Australia, the United Kingdom, France, and Canada. It’s awesome to be able to reach women in other countries. It’s all digital these days.

If you want to sell past your local community, online is inevitable. What’s helped me with navigating this space for marketing is reaching out to those who do it well and to learn from them.



If you want to sell past your local community, online is inevitable.

What have you tried in marketing in the past that didn’t work?

This is a matter of getting your marketing and your messaging “right.” This comes through trial and error. Expect to tweak and update your marketing materials as you learn more about your audience, especially with a new business or even a new product. Images matter especially. Also, being authentic in your wording – write like you would speak. People are drawn to realness.

What is a piece of advice you’d give someone new or struggling in business?

Keep going! You will encounter bumps, hurdles, and what can seem like insurmountable obstacles. Push through those because it’s much nicer on the other side! Your path from point A to point B is not a direct shot. Expect twists and turns.

The key is to keep your focus on point B, where you want to go. We all go through struggles when starting a new business or working to maintain or scale a business. Each new step brings new learning. Reach out to people who have paved the road before you as they will have knowledge and golden nuggets of wisdom to share with you.


Your path from point A to point B is not a direct shot. Expect twists and turns.


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