Client: Tax Savvy Jessica

Case Study: Website Design with Advanced SEO Strategies

April was wonderful to work with! She was very patient with me even when the vision for my website changed several times. This was my first experience working with a professional designer and it was worth every penny. I would have easily spent weeks of my time trying to accomplish the right design and April was able to tackle the project with ease.

I have a beautiful website that converts and ongoing support for future changes as my business evolves. I highly recommend working with April for your initial site design and for professional ongoing support.

-Jessica Smith,

Case Study Summary:

The Client:

Jessica has created an incredible business and career. She more than a decade of experience helping small business owners overcome their tax problems and leveraging the federal tax code to save thousands in income taxes. She is an enrolled agent, a speaker, and an educator. She has created multiple businesses and products, but Tax Savvy Jessica is where it all began.

How I helped:

Jessica and I met in 2019 when we were part of a business group led by mentor and podcaster Ellen Yin. Jessica had the first iteration of the Tax Savvy Jessica website, but was ready to take it to the next level. 

We partnered together and created the next version of the TSJ website which began gaining momentum with the blogging and email marketing we added. 

As Jessica’s business and branding evolved, it was time for a revamped TSJ website. We partnered together again and doubled down on our SEO and email marketing strategies. 

The Problem:

Jessica’s orginal site was DIYed and while it was perfectly fine, it did not match the incredible business she was building. She wanted to incorporate email marketing and add content marketing in addition to creating a clear and effective website. 

The Project:

With the first iteration of Jessica’s redesigned site, we created a fun website that really reflected Jessica’s unique personality as a tax professional. We incorporated email marketing with a traditional lead magnet and setup a blog.

With the second website we created, we created a slightly more mature version while still keeping the site fun and feminine, just like Jessica. We also added more advanced email and SEO strategies.

For email marketing, we added my Fit and Pricing Quiz just as I was beginning to test this strategy on my own website.

We also brought in Michelle Bourbonneirre to assist in elevating our SEO strategies. We created pages that targeted specific keyworks and continued creating content that would bring in new traffic.

The Results:

The email marketing strategies we put in place have paid off. When we launched the site in 2020, Jessica added a mere 5 new subscribers that year. However, in 2021 she got 412 new subscribers. Her list has continued to grow and as of April 2024, she has a list of more than 1,400 subscribers, 1,300 of joined through the forms on her website.

The traffic she’s received from blogging has also continued to rise, especially for hot topics like creating an LLC and “can I deduct childcare.” Those two blog posts alone brought in an additional 15,000 visitors to her site in 2023. Her site is also on the first page of Google for more than 200 keywords! 

The Details

Each website I design is created with the client in mind. We combine best practices with the unique needs of the client and their audience. Here are a few things we did to customize this website and make it shine:

The heading

The heading or hero section is always of high importance. Not only is it the first thing people see, but it also has to pass what Donald Miller calls “the grunt test.” So we wanted to make sure people could very quickly understand what this product is and who it is for. We also wanted to guide people to the Fit and Pricing Quiz. This is something I offer my clients who are looking for an advanced email marketing strategy.

The Blog

The blog has been a major source of traffic for Jessica’s website. Kelly Burchett Copywriting handles the monthly content which has continued to build Jessica’s site authority and rankings. We also use the blog posts as our monthly email content which drives even more traffic to the site. It’s truly a holistic approach to marketing!

Fit + Pricing Quiz

The Fit + Pricing Quiz was a solution I came up with to capture email subscribers. Most people come to your site with one question: How much will this cost? 

The Fit + Pricing Quiz answers this question by having visitors take a breif quiz about what needs and goals they have for this service. After the quiz, they are directed to a package page specific to their answers. However, before they can see their results, we ask for their email address. This strategy has added more than 700 subscribers to Jessica’s list. 

The Homepage

The homepage is where the magic happens. I take my time designing each homepage as it engages and guides each visitor to their next step. We always aim to be intentional with the homepage design and content for this reason.

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