What a joy it was to work with such a cool, local business! Paducah Olive Oil was in need of a facelift and wanting to add some strategies to increase online sales. 

We started with a new design with more focus on their primary products and what sets them apart from grocery store Olive Oil. I mean, I’m guessing the grocery store never gave you complimentary olive oil tastings! We added some great imagary and really highlighted their hundreds of products. 

Once we had that in place, we started working on some email marketing to really increase customer engagment. Adding the “Paducah Olive Oil Club” gives a new member an immediate 10% off as well as access to regular recipes from the owner, Karla, and special discounts throughout the year. Plus, it gives Karla a chance to have more interaction with her customers. 

Head on over to Paducah Olive Oil’s new website to check it out!