Client: Better Plant Growth

Case Study: Website Design with E-Commerce Setup

I should have done this 5 years ago. I think it would have really help expand my customer base.

The a-ha moment for me was after the first draft of the site came up. I realized how important having a professional do the site instead of a home made site. I realized why you do what you do and i do what i do. We specialize in completely different areas. Your business really helps mine.

-Steve Moseley,

Case Study Summary:

The Client:

Steve About 15 years ago, Steve sparked a conversation with a friend of his that worked in the chemical industry. He talked to this friend about his idea to create an all-natural, plant-based product that would help crops produce the highest potential yield possible and in addition, would benefit the soil health. Intrigued by his idea, his friend offered to lend Steve his chemical knowledge to help create the formula that would become BPG.

How I helped:

Steve’s all natural, plant-based product was marketing only by word of mouth, but he knew he needed an online presence.

I stepped in to design a simple, but effective website with an ecommerce platform so he can start  selling online. I partnered with Allison Harpole to create the content for the website.

The Problem:

Steve had a great product with word of mouth marketing, but needed a website with an e-commerce platform so he could sell online. We handled the design, development, and content.

Not only did Steve need an online presence, but he needed a way to effectively communicate his to his niche of farmers and landscapers.

The Project:

We started with content by Allison Harpole. Allison interviewed Steve and created simple, but easy to understand content that would clearly communicate Steve’s product and mission.

We then started on the design and wanted a clean site that highlighted healthy crops, especially ones that had been treated with Steve’s product.

Once the design was finalized I began working on Steve e-commerce setup. We used WooCommerce to create his store and created simple options for his four difference products.

At the end of the project, I leaned on my go-to developer, Jacob Neher, to launch the site. We did a bit of clean up and the site was ready to go!

The Results:

While traffic continues grow since launching in March 0f 2024, we are already seeing awesome results on Google. He is currently ranking #13 on Google for “folier,” a short-tail keyword (the hardest of the keywords to rank for). 

We’re excited to see how this grows and how we could potentially leverage this! 

“The flow of the web site is so user and reader friendly. Short and consice to the point information with no fluff.”

The Details

Each website I design is created with the client in mind. We combine best practices with the unique needs of the client and their audience. Here are a few things we did to customize this website and make it shine:

The heading

The heading or hero section is always of high importance. Not only is it the first thing people see, but it also has to pass what Donald Miller calls “the grunt test.” So we wanted to make sure people could very quickly understand what this product is and who it is for. We also wanted to make sure people could easily navigate to the store to quickly buy the product so we included two call-to-action buttons in this section.

Before and After

I used a plugin called Divi Modules Pro to create a below and after photo. This plugin allows you to drag the arrows to reveal the both photos. It created a great effect to show how Steve’s product works.

Final call-to-action

Another section I tend to put a lot of thought in is the final call-to-action on page. While first impressions are very important, and many people won’t make it to the bottom of the page, you always want to include a final CTA to guide your visitor. Without it, your site will feel a bit like a dead end. 

For Steve’s final section on the homepage, I wanted to make sure we shared the products again, explaining who they are for, a buy now button, and a fun grassy border to signal the bottom of the page. 

I could not be more pleased with your development of my site. The verbage for site was on target for my readers to explain how it works. Very happy with my site.

-Steve Moseley,

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