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Aug 31, 2021Web Design

I’ve been following Josh Hall for the past three years and his tutorials have always been super helpful to me and my business. If he posted a YouTube video tutorial on the topic I was searching, I would automatically watch it over any others because I trusted Josh’s approach, which was always very easy to understand. If you’ve ever listened to his web design podcast, you know that he’s an open book—he’s just genuinely a helpful guy in this industry, and he is very generous with his hard-won knowledge.

I have now taken many of his courses (Web Design Process Course, cPanel Course, Website Design Course, SEO Course, CSS Course, Website Maintenance Course, and his WooCommerce Course ), but by far the most beneficial to me, as a web design professional, has been the Josh Hall Web Design Business Course.

Taking Josh’s Web Design Business Course Changed My Mindset … and My Business

As you might expect, Josh’s course goes over all the web design business basics like contracts, proposals, and questionnaires. Lots of templates are included (including some using the Divi theme by Elegant Themes, so it’s all very plug-and-play to get your core web pages up).

What I didn’t expect is that taking this online course helped me shift my mindset to believe I could build a successful web design business. After taking this course I implemented new funnel pages which helped me triple my incoming leads—and now I get to work with my ideal clients. I have even started using the strategies I learned in this course with my web design clients, with great results. I loved learning how to price my services to actually build a sustainable income for my family. Rather than learning the hard way (like Josh did!) I now have a web design process which helps me sell web design projects and manage them efficiently (including how to avoid things like scope creep).

This is such a comprehensive course giving you a very transparent look at his own growth to a six-figure business. It’s so helpful to see how someone actually did it.

This is a fantastic course and has helped me refine my processes, grow my business, and gave me the confidence to shape my business the way I want.

This course is great for anyone interested in growing your web design business – whether you’re a beginner, growing your business as a side hustle, or a full time freelancer not sure what to do next. Even if you’re a web agency owner (and perhaps already have some of these pieces in place) it’s always helpful to see someone else’s process, so you can optimize your own.

Josh is super down to earth and makes these complex topics fun and achievable. I actually go back to this course time and again (you get lifetime access when you join and become a student) to pick up new bits of information.

I can’t recommend this course enough. If you’re a fellow web designer looking for help growing or starting your web design business, check out Josh’s Web Design Business Course.

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