Is Flodesk Right For My Business?

Feb 1, 2022Email Marketing

So you’ve been considering making the leap to sign up for an email marketing platform and are wondering if Flodesk is right for you? I wrote a review on Flodesk and its features on another post, but I wanted to dig deeper into business planning in this article.

A Quick Backstory

Flodesk wasn’t my first foray into email marketing. I had been using email marketing for years while I worked in marketing before starting my own business. Most of my time was spent working with Constant Contact as there really weren’t many other options during the early 2010’s. This experience was…ridiculously frustrating. So much so that when I started my business, even though I had 10 years of experience in email marketing, I initially chose to not include it as a service for my business.

Enter Flodesk.

I began working with Flodesk in the spring of 2019. I actually was part of a business group who received an exclusive training with one of the owners! This was such an awesome opportunity and I could see her true love for her business and what it brings to the email marketing world.

I also saw that email marketing didn’t have to be frustrating! It could be beautiful and align with not only my brand, but the brand of my clients! I immediately started offering email marketing services focusing nearly exclusively on Flodesk.

So would Flodesk be the right option for your business? Let’s find out!

Note: All of the opinions are my own. I do have a referral code to share with you, but Flodesk probably doesn’t even know I exist. My love for Flodesk is entirely my own.

1. You like to make your points visually.

If part of your marketing strategy is serving your audience on Instagram, Facebook, or even your website with graphics and imagery, then Flodesk will be a great extension of your brand. Flodesk allows you to combine great content with beautiful visuals to bring a beautiful message to your audience.

Visual storytelling has become so important in the world of marketing, and while I still fully believe that written content sells, visual content engages your audience to stick around and actually read your words.

We also can’t ignore the fact that our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, so if we can meet our audience where they are and provide them with snippets of visual content, they can quickly understand what you’re offering and if it resonates with them.

2. You prefer a simple, intuitive design.

My favorite definition of “intuitive design” is “when you see it, you know how to use it.” That’s exactly how I felt when I started using Flodesk. I spent years trying other email marketing platforms and getting frustrated when I couldn’t get something to look the way I wanted. One of my first experiences with coding wasn’t with a website, it was with Constant Contact!

Flodesk offers a much more intuitive experience with drag and drop sections, click and type elements, and customizable layouts that are already designed to sell. Just add your branding and words to it and you’ve got an email ready to convert your audience!

3. You want an unlimited experience.

If you’ve ever tried other “free” email marketing platforms, you realize very quickly that nothing good in life is free.

I once used Constant Contact for a nonprofit I was helping and it was “free” to create and send emails! So I spent an hour or so creating this email, adding all the subscribers, but when I went to send the email, I was only allowed to send it to a limited number of people – I’m talking like 5 people. I could have done that with my normal email account!

So then you sign up for one of their paid plans. And again you are met with restrictions. You only get a certain number of subscribers or limited analytics reports. You are basically penalized for growing your business. Ouch!

With Flodesk, you pay a small monthly fee (made even more inexpensive with my referral code!) and you get unlimited emails, subscribers, forms, workflows, and analytics. So while, yes, there is no free version like many email marketing platforms, you get so much more with their service than other paid services.

4. You want to automate your business with the help of email marketing.

If you are looking to save time by automating certain parts of your business, email marketing is a great way to do this! And Flodesk makes this especially easy.

With my business and with many of my clients, I set up an automated lead workflow by creating a lead magnet. I have been loving setting up what I like to call “Fit + Pricing Guides” for my clients. There is a lot of opinion out there on whether you should share your prices publicly and I can see it both ways. You don’t have a “set” price as every project is a unique snowflake, BUT visitors to your site don’t want to waste their time on a call with you if you’re way out of their budget.

Enter the Fit + Pricing Guide. Visitors to your site only gain access to your pricing when they input their name and email address which is connected to your Flodesk subscriber list. And by doing this, you have just created a true lead. Not a freebie hoarder who will never want to pay you for your services, but someone who is actively looking for an expert that they intend to pay. And even if they can’t afford you now, if you continue showing up through email marketing, they have the opportunity to decide to work with you down the road. It’s truly a beautiful thing!

Flodesk makes this whole process easy as you can:

  • Create the form in Flodesk and embed it on your site.
  • Create a workflow that is triggered when they complete that form. This is one of the ways they can gain access to the lead magnet. You can also just redirect them to the page itself.
  • They are now in your subscriber list and you can email them helpful tips, promos, and more.

5. You’re just starting your business – or you’re an expert!

One of the great things about Flodesk is it can grow with your business.

If you are just starting out in business with no website, no email list, nothing, you can hop on Flodesk and create your own full page form (which is like a landing page), to start collecting emails. You can create a PDF using the free version of Canva or even just Google Docs sharing some helpful information (or your Fit + Pricing Guide if you so choose!). You can then create a workflow to deliver this. And you continue connecting with these people through weekly or monthly emails. Flodesk is seriously so helpful to the business newbie.

But say you’re 5 years into your business. You have a 2000 person email list on another platform and the idea of moving sounds daunting. No worries there, import that list and start creating beautiful emails. Your email list won’t know what hit them when instead of receiving plain text emails, they receive engaging imagery that makes them stop in their tracks.

So either way, Flodesk is there for you!

I have seen Flodesk support the email marketing goals of coaches, service-based businesses, product-based businesses and more!

I hope this post has been helpful in deciding whether Flodesk is for you! And if you have decided “Yes, it is!” here are a few options:

And you’re looking a full Flodesk review, check out this post.

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