How to do “Ad Free” Marketing with Taylor Daniels

May 26, 2020Lessons in Entrepreneurship

How to do “Ad Free” Marketing with Taylor Daniels

Lessons in Entrepreneurship

I’m excited about this one guys. 

Taylor Daniels is the CEO & Founder of It’s V.A. | Tay, a virtual assistant co. for wedding professionals. She helps wedding pros automate their biz & blow past 6+ figures without having a large following, without being on ALL the platforms, and without running ads! 


Read on to learn:

  • How Tay started her business when she was 7 months pregnant. 
  • How she uses “Identity Coaching” to help people build their brand with their story.
  • And how she uses and teaches ad free marketing to grow businesses past six figures. 

Who are you, what’s your business, and what’s a personal tidbit about you?

I am Tay, the CEO & Founder of It’s V.A. | Tay, a virtual assistant co. for wedding professionals. I help wedding pros automate their biz & blow past 6+ figures without having a large following, without being on ALL the platforms, and without running ads!

I founded the Co in 2016 while I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter, I am known as the Starbucks Iced Coffee Queen and have a unhealthy obsession with donuts and cardi b’s music (which yes I know is completely vulgar)

What is your main product or service and why are you so passionate about it?

My main service is 1:1 Social Identity Coaching, I am so passionate about this because this is the foundation for building a 6-figure company. It is your WHY, it is what sets you apart from everyone else in a saturated market



I love not only hearing the stories of where people come from and where they want to go, but helping them put that into a story to build their brand!

What is one trait of a successful entrepreneur?

One trait to being a successful entrepreneur is knowing and using the power of mindset.


Mindset is the number 1 thing that will make or break you in ALL aspects of your life, career & business especially.

What is your favorite free or inexpensive resource that has made the biggest impact on your business and why?

My absolute favorite free resource is Instagram. It is a free platform to showcase your work, be who you want to be, & connect with people all over the world.

What is your morning routine?

I have a very specific morning routine that I have followed for a long time now.

  • Brush Teeth & Skincare
  • Make my Iced Coffee
  • Get my child out of bed (if she is up)
  • Get her breakfast
  • Write my daily gratitude & affirmations
  • Listen to 1 podcast episode
  • Reply to all the emails in my inbox
  • Start Client Work

How are you currently marketing your business?

I use instagram to market my business and build genuine relationships.


Business is just building and maintaining relationships.

I teach ad-free marketing strategies by helping wedding pros build their brand (their WHY & their story) and then selling their story & building real relationships with people.

I help people sell themselves versus selling a product or a service & then I build weekly strategies based on their data, analytics, personality & goals so that they are reaching more people, building more relationships, having a referral program, and networking with the right people in the right places.

What have you tried in marketing in the past that didn’t work?

Ads. I now teach wedding pros how to market their business for free.. no ads, no straining yourself to be on all the platforms, and not spending money to market yourself in places that bring no return.

What is a piece of advice you’d give someone new or struggling in business?

DON’T QUIT! Business is hard.. life is hard… but I can promise you this is only a test of your faith & mindset to see how badly you really want it.. and if you want to get past it, then look at what life is putting you through as an opportunity & keep your mind open!


Look at what life is putting you through as an opportunity & keep your mind open!


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