How to Create an Effective Thank You Page

Aug 8, 2022Weekly Website Wins

I am finally on board with this simple but effective page of your website: the Thank You Page.

Have you ever completed a form on a website only to have it refresh to a quick “thank you!” or worse…nothing. You wonder if the form even went through and have no idea what’s happening next. It’s a bad first impression.

So I am now adding a “Thank You” pages to my client’s sites as well as my own.

This can be used for a lead magnet, “request a quote,” course, service, or product purchase, etc.

What’s included. Essentially you want to make sure your website visitor feels they have been taken care of.

  1. Thank you
  2. Next steps
  3. Access to something else on your site to keep them engaged


Website Workbook Thank You Page

Bottom-Line Team Thank You Page

Workflows for Tax Pros

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