How to Create a Hero Section That Turns Visitors Into Customers

Jun 13, 2022Web Design, Weekly Website Wins

In this video, we talk about how to optimize your header on your website, the hero section, that people see when they first get to your website. This section lets visitors know what they are getting into and why they should stick around.

I am going to walk you through my five tips on how to optimize your website header.

1. Clearly explain what you do.

Let people know who you are and what you do. These are two great examples


Workflows for Tax Pros: We help tax pros automate tax workflows

Loan Allies: Your allies and mortgage lending and home ownership

2. Include a direct CTA

If you want more information about what a direct call to action is, check out my last video about direct and indirect calls to action. Real quick rundown, a direct call to action is letting visitors know what you want them to do.


Brava Adventures: Let’s start your adventure.

Workflows for Tax Pros: Automate my Biz.

3. Include a transitional (indirect) CTA.

You need to include these as well. A great example of how to include this in your header is actually on my own website. I have my Fit + Pricing Guide. This is for people who aren’t quite ready to buy; will instead learn more information. Another great one is Loan Allies. She offers a free consultation. Again you can learn more about this in my last video.


April Ray Creative

Loan Allies

4. Use an image of yourself OR one that emits emotion.


East Side Animal Hospital 

Eighty Nutrition 

5. Include a banner of your lead magnet or current promotion

If you don’t have a transitional call to action, you can use this to run a promotion or highlight a free offer. This can either be at the top or bottom of your page.


Eighty Nutrition 

Bottom-Line Bookkeeping

If you’ve found this helpful and want more, I have a free video resource called “5 Simple Website Changes to Turn Visitors Into Customers”

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