Flodesk Review | How Does It Compare To Other Platforms?

Feb 23, 2022Business, Email Marketing


If you’ve been in business for any period of time, you know that a great way to grow your business is through email marketing. Staying connected with past customers and engaging with new potential leads can all happen in an inbox.

I’ve been testing and trying email marketing tools since 2009 and they have – thankfully – come a long way. In all honesty, I used to hate email marketing because the tools out there were so lackluster and frustrating (I’m looking at you ConstantContact). When I first started my business, I didn’t even include email marketing as a service because I had never found the right tool to use that provided everything I needed.

That’s until 2019 when I found Flodesk.

After seeing the features and limitless possibilities of Flodesk, I was sold to use it exclusively to not only build and grow my own email list, but also do the same for my clients. And while there are some negatives to Flodesk, I feel the cons are mostly outweighed by the pros. So let’s dive into this review!

Note: All of the opinions are my own. I do have a referral code to share with you, but Flodesk probably doesn’t even know I exist. My love for Flodesk is entirely my own.

Flodesk Features

Email Templates

The busy business owner probably doesn’t have time to create new emails from scratch each time they want to send one. They also don’t have time to know what to include in an email. Flodesk has a great library of templates that are unique, but also help guide you in what should be included for email marketing best practices.

Flodesk Email Templates

Flodesk also allows you to save emails into a “My Favorites” folder so you can easily recreate an email you’ve used in the past. This is great feature if you have created an email under your email tab, and would like to use it in a Workflow email sequence (more on that below). In addition, you can duplicate any email you’ve created under the email tab.

Flodesk My Favorites

Form and landing page builder

The second tab in the Flodesk builder is Forms. Forms are essential for growing your list. When someone visits your website, you can entice them to join your list by sharing a free resource in exchange for their email address. Using a form connected to your email marketing platform simplifies this process.

In Flodesk, they also have form templates to help you get started. You can include the usual Name and Email fields, but Flodesk recently added some new awesome features:

Custom fields: This is a game changer. When you are first building a client or lead profile, being able to ask a question specific to your business is incredibly helpful. For example, I may ask my potential clients if they use WordPress since that’s what I design my websites in.

Preferences: Many businesses offer different services or products that don’t interest every person. In your forms, you can allow someone to self segment themselves based on their preferences. This is hugely helpful to you AND the subscriber as you are able to provide them a customized experience.

Flodesk Full Page Form


A great tool that’s usually an extra cost in most email marketing platforms is automation. Flodesk includes this in their flat rate package. Creating an automated email sequence can really build upon an already warm relationship. Whether you simply create a one email workflow that automatically triggers when someone completes your form, or, you create a workflow that delivers a weekly email for an entire year, Flodesk can support both.

And there are more templates! If you’re short on time or inspiration, Flodesk also has email sequence templates that you can use. These templates are beautifully designed, easy to customize, and again, help guide you in what should be included in your sequence.

Flodesk Workflow Templates


I mentioned this above, but the last tab in the Flodesk builder is Audience. Flodesk lets both you and your subscribers segment themselves into different groups. This is helpful for a few reasons:’

You can segment based on how you received the new subscriber: I will many times label my segments based on what form the subscriber used and on what page of my website (For example: “Request a Quote – Website Design Page” is one of my segments).

You can segment based on interests: If someone would like to be notified when there are new blog posts, you can have a segment just for that.

The SUBSCRIBER can segment themselves: I already mentioned this, but this new feature is worth mentioning twice. When someone first subscribes to your list, they can let you know their interests and preferences so you can serve them in the best way possible.

Flodesk Segments


Flodesk offers individual analytics reports within each of their four main tabs (Emails, Forms, Workflows, and Audience).

Under emails, you can check out:

  • Open Rate
  • Click Rate
  • Opens by Device
  • Deliverability
  • Bounces, Unsubscrives, and Spam

You can also click on most of these items to get more detailed information.

Flodesk Email Analytics

Under Forms you can see the number of Opt-Ins.

Under Workflows you can see the same information as you can under emails, but you can also get a breakdown of each email as well as how many are actively in the workflow or who has completed the workflow.

Audience provides you a more indepth look specifically at your subscribers as well as how your different segments are performing.

Hot Take: This is one place where Flodesk may be slightly lacking. While they provide some great basic analytics, there are other platforms that provide more. For me, this isn’t a deal breaker, but definitely something to consider if super granulated analytics are important to you.

Flodesk University

Flodesk offers great tutorials in their Flodesk University. While I find Flodesk to be one of the easier email marketing platforms, it’s still a new tool and Flodesk helps you bridge the gap between newbie to expert.

Flodesk University

How Does Flodesk Compare to Others

Many people hesitate to invest in Flodesk because they don’t offer a free version of their plan like many email marketing platforms. However, when you read the fine print of these “freemiums” they are seriously lacking in features and cannot support a growing business. You quickly need to upgrade to a paid plan to stick with the platform. So when you compare these free plans to Flodesk and get frustrated the price of Flodesk, you’re really not comparing apples to apples. Let’s take a look at the comparable plans from some of the other email marketing platforms:


Premium is $299/month for 10,000 contacts and unlimted audiences or you can do Standard at $17/month for 500 contacts and 5 audiences.

Mailchimp seems like it’s got Flodesk beat on pricing with their Standard plan (even with my discount!), but there are a ton of limitations.

One of the big ones (aside from the 500 contacts) is Mailchimp limits your audiences you to 5. As I mentioned above, I segment my subscribers into how they joined my list and I currently have 35 segments! This is so helpful to see what pages are most visited and what lead magnets are most successful.

Constant Contact

Plus Plan is $45/month for 500 contacts.

Constant Contacts pricing is a bit more than Flodesk’s plan normal not-discounted pricing, but again, you only get a max of 500 contacts. As soon as you hit 501, it’s $70/month. That’s nearly twice as much as Flodesk!

Design-wise, Constant Contact has always been lacking in the ability to design. One of my first experiences with coding wasn’t on a website, it was with Constant Contact! That’s because I could never get the formatting to work with their builder. And I’m not talking about anything fancy here. I’m talking about just making all the words the same color or bolding a header. Constant Contacts email builder makes things pretty frustrating.


Flodesk is normally $38/month, but with my discount you can get it for $19/month. You get unlimted subscribers, unlimted audiences, templates, landing pages, and more. The design function is intuitive and you have plenty of tutorials to help you if you get stuck. 

Is Flodesk right for you?

So how do you know if Flodesk is right for you? Here is a quick breakdown:

  1. You like to make your points visually.
  2. You prefer a simple, intuitive design.
  3. You want an unlimited experience.
  4. You want to automate your business.
  5. You’re just starting your business – or you’re an expert!

I have a full breakdown of this in my blog post “Is Flodesk Right For My Business.

At the end of the day, you have to decide for yourself what your priorities are for your business. But for me and my business, and most of my clients, Flodesk is an excellent choice for an email marketing platform. Try it out and you won’t be sorry.

I hope this post has been helpful in deciding whether Flodesk is for you! And if you have decided “Yes, it is!” here are a few options:

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