Elevate your Email Marketing Strategy with the

Welcome Sequence  Flodesk Email Template


Designed for service providers looking to turn visitors into customers, this comprehensive tool guides you through the process of creating intentional email sequences.

About This Template

Have you been stumped about what to say or how to create an effective welcome email sequence? I can help, friend. These email templates are specifically designed to introduce new subscribers to your business whil also gently guide them toward working with you.

These simple, but effective email templates include a plug and play copy strategy designed to turn subscribers into customers. I created these templates specifically for service-based entreprenuers so that you can easily create a streamlined and automated email strategy.

All the goodies

What’s Included:

6 Conversion-Focused Emails

Using a tried an true email sequence strategy, I have included everything you need to create a welcome sequence: freebie delivery email, problem-solution email, testimonial email, overcoming objection email, common mistakes email, and final sale email.

Email Strategy Workbook

This tool will help you brainstorm and create your freebie; identify your audience’s goals, pain point, and the results they are looking for; and reflect on your business so that you can clearly communicate your offer and it’s benefits.

One-Click Flodesk Import

With one-click, you can import all of these emails into your Flodesk account. Not a Flodesk user? No problem! You can either sign up using my 50% off discount (automatically applied when you click to add these templates), or use the provided Google Doc to copy these templates into your preferred email marketing platform.

Video Walkthrough

I’ve also included a short video walkthrough of how add these templates to your Flodesk account, create the sequence, and customize the templates.

April, holy heck! That was awesome!! 🧡 My mind is buzzing about my business and how I serve my clients, and how I should best setup email sequences, and freebies, and all the goodness – yes!!

Sam, Web Designer

Why email marketing matters.

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies as it allows you to connect with you audience in a more intimate way than any other marketing tactic. 

So let’s compare email marekting to a romantic relationship.

Social Media

…is the party you meet at.
It’s loud and crowded, but if you’re lucky, you might be able to focus on one person and make a connection.


Your Website

…is your first date.

Maybe you leave the party and go to a quiet coffee shop. Your able to truly focus on the person across from you and learn more about them.

Email Marketing

…is dating.
People need to consistently connect over a longer period of time before they’re ready for marriage. It’s the same with business. Email marketing allows you to stay connected and build trust over time.

How it works

This workbook and template is your comprehensive guide to crafting a purposeful email sequence that will captivate your audience. Whether you’re a beginner setting up your email marketing platform or a seasoned pro ready to take it to the next level, the workbook and Flodesk templates are a starting point for a successful email journey.

1. Identify Your Audience and Their Needs:

In the first part of the workbook, we’ll work through some questions that will help you uncover key information about your audience, their pain points, and how your business can be the solution. Print it out or open a doc, grab your favorite beverage, and spend 30-45 minutes digging deep.

2. Craft Engaging Emails with My Flodesk Templates

In the second part of the workbook, use my actual Flodesk templates by easily importing them into your Flodesk account.

Not a Flodesk user? I have also shared a Google Doc that you can use to seamlessly plug your answers into the provided template to create compelling emails.

Either way, you can use these templates to  infuse your personality and style into each message, making it uniquely yours.

Why you’ll love it:


Streamline your email marketing efforts with a tried-and-true template.


Build a sequence that resonates with your audience and converts prospects into devoted customers.


Use the guidelines provided as a foundation, then add your personal touch to make it authentically yours.

Email Sequence Workbook + Templates


Your journey to turning visitors into customers begins here. Let the Email Sequence Workbook + Templates be your companion in creating a powerful marketing strategy that speaks directly to your audience. Don’t miss out – grab your copy now and start transforming your email marketing strategy!