Create an About Page That Converts

Jul 4, 2022Web Design, Weekly Website Wins

In today’s weekly website win, we are going to talk about how to create an about page that converts. You may ask, how do ‘About pages’ convert and why do we need them?

Workflows for Tax Pros is a near perfect example of this.

I am going to show you the five things you should include on your about page:

  • A photo of yourself: Let them see your face so they can grow to like and trust you.
  • Share your story: Your why
  • Position yourself as a guide: Show how you’ve been in their shoes before. Take them from point A to B to reach their goals.
    We’ve all seen this play out in movies. Obeone guided Luke Skywalker, Dumberdore guided Harry Potter, Raffiki guided Simba. If possible, you can also show how you’ve been in their shoes before. It’s why you’re the perfect guide! You are taking them from point A to point B helping them reach their goals.
  • Bios of your team: Show off who you’re working with. Let people get to know the team.
    Not only do they want to know you, but they want to know anyone they might be working with. This gives you a personality. And if it’s just you, that’s fine! Many people prefer working with just one person.
  • A call to action: Yup! You need to let them know what the next step is. And bonus points if you include your transitional CTA as well.

Learn more about the two types of CTAs you should include on your website.

If you’ve found this helpful and want more, I have a free video resource called “5 Simple Website Changes to Turn Visitors Into Customers”

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