5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website


A common misconception people have is you can’t grow your business through your website. They think a website is something that makes you seem legitimate (which is true), but they have not had success with their website converting leads for them. With the right strategies in place, a website can absolutely turn visitors into customers. However, you HAVE to be driving traffic to your website.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A good SEO strategy can really set you apart from the competition on Google. This can entail keyword research and implementing those keywords on your site in the right way, optimizing images, securing your site, and more.

2. Blog Post

Serving your audience through educational blog posts can really help drive traffic to your site. You can write content that will be helpful to both your current clients as well as new visitors. Share them on social media and start seeing the page views go up!

3. A freebie/lead magnet

Offering something of value for free is a great way connect with new leads and drive traffic to your site. This is different than a blog post because while it’s free of charge, I recommend my clients ask for an email address in exchange for this freebie (like with the form above). This can be as simple as a PDF or short video. Once you have their email address you can then serve them with…

4. Email Marketing

It took me a while to jump on the email marketing bandwagon, but it is such a powerful tool! Not only are you connecting with these people who visited your site to get your freebie, but you can also connect with past clients and get some new work from them just by showing up in their inbox monthly or weekly. People get busy and forget about certain products or services, but an email will keep you top of mind. Plus your actual email can link back to your website which will drive traffic!

5. Referrals

This is a great way to get business in general, but if someone is referred to you, they’ll probably look you up online before calling you. You can up the ante by starting a referral program (like this one) that encourages past clients to refer you. Another way to really boost your website traffic through referrals is actually a combination of SEO and referrals. Ask past clients to leave you a review on Google. Each review helps your rankings on Google and gives you social proof that other people know, like, and trust you.


Hope this helps you come up with some new strategies to drive traffic to your website! And if you need help implementing any of these or are looking to have your website redesigned, click the link below for a free website audit and we’ll get started customizing these strategies for your business today!

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