5 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Web Designer

Jun 30, 2021Web Design

Is it time to hire a web designer? I have people ask me questions like these all the time. Tell me if any of these scenarios sound familiar:

1. You’re embarrassed: Your site could definitely be better.

You DIY’ed your first website, or maybe your designer wasn’t so great, and you feel embarrassed about your current site. You don’t actually want to send potential clients to your site because you’re afraid they’ll bounce and never return.

2. You’re frustrated: It seems like nobody delivers on what you’re envisioning.

Maybe you tried to do it yourself or hired freelancers who didn’t deliver. Either way, you never got a product that wows you.

3. You’re stuck: What’s the next move?

You feel like you’ve wasted time and money, and now you’re more confused than ever about how to grow your business online. Or maybe you’ve been playing around in a web-design program like Wix for months, making little progress.

4. You’re stubborn: You don’t like to hire out work.

You signed up for a course in web design, thinking you could DIY. How hard could it really be? But the course is still sitting there…barely utilized. And your website is still nonexistent.

5. You’re confused: You know you need better messaging, but you’re not good with words.

Sometimes you visit websites with messaging that seems to flow like water. How do they do it? You know you want a clear message and path for your visitors to follow, but you don’t know how to make it happen.

These are all issues I commonly hear from my clients.

But guess what?

You only need to do 3 things to get a website that’s beautiful, functional, and that turns visitors into customers.

FIRST: Shift your perspective. Believe that you CAN have a website that works FOR your business.

SECOND: Find a web designer who you like and trust. Check out my recent projects to see if you like my design style!

THIRD: Complete my website questionnaire for a custom quote.

That’s it! These 3 steps will get you on the path to getting a website that you love and that actually turns visitors into customers!

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