5 Places You Should Have a Call to Action Button

Jun 20, 2022Web Design, Weekly Website Wins

In this video, we talk about the 5 places you should have a call to action button on your website. There are a ton of places I like to put CTAs. Let’s take a walk through a few examples of this and learn where to put your CTA buttons to turn visitors into customers.

1. Menu

Bottom-Line Bookkeeping

Bottom-Line Bookkeeping has three CTAs when you first get on her site. Want to learn more about the two types of call to action buttons I recommend having on your website, check that video out. It’ll be in the description below this video. Here we will talk about the direct call to action.

I love putting these in the menu because you have all the information there…right there! Your eyes go right to it because the colors pop and everything is in good contrast. Be sure to use very direct, not passive, language.

2. Header image


Bottom-Line Bookkeeping

Home Pro Advantage

Bottom-Line Bookkeeping: I talked about optimizing your header in my last video (I’ll link that as well). Here you have your Get Started button where it is very clean and you know that this is where to get started.

HomePro Advantage is another website example. Not everyone has a form to fill out or something like a lot of my local clients. They just want you to call for a quote, which is fine. This takes you to their contact page where you can get all this information but we’ve told them to call for a quote. Here will be phone, location, and email information are all available also.

3. Bottom of your pages


Tax Savvy Jessica

Bottom-Line Bookkeeping

Jessica, one of my favorite clients, has her call to action at the bottom of her page. After you scrolled through her page, you’ve learned all about her and her services. She invites you to start here. You don’t want someone to get to the end and just leave. You want them to take the next step, start here.

Back to Bottom Line Bookkeeping, has another great one as well…ready to improve your bottom line. She uses a transitional call to action. Again, you can learn more about that and my call to action button video. We let them know the first thing they’re going to do by getting the guide and learning more about if she is the right fit and if pricing fits in their budget needs. So she funnels them with these call to action buttons.

4. Sales or Service Page


Workflows for Tax Pros

After you funneled visitors, you want to make sure you have your call to action buttons on your sales or services page. When they reach this page, you want to make sure you have that available as well because they have to click your services. They want to learn more, you guide them to the next step. Workflow for Tax Pros is another great example.

5. Contact Page*

*Only for brick and mortar – check back for my next video about why you might want to ditch the “Contact” page for more leads.


Loan Allies

East Side Animal Hospital

If you’ve found this helpful and want more, I have a free video resource called “5 Simple Website Changes to Turn Visitors Into Customers”

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